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Colorado Springs' Best Fundraiser!


What is BOGO Blue Fundraising?


16 oz. quality candles in Keepsake Tins (no glass means no breakage!), with 60-80 hours of burn time, original scents, lead-free cotton wicks, and produced locally in Colorado Springs!

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BOGO Blue Card

Accordion-style fold out coupon card (over 70 offers) from Pikes Peak area restaurants, shopping, and entertainment venues!

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Frozen Foods

Pre-portioned cookie dough, cheesecakes, cinnamon rolls, pumpkin and red velvet rolls, braided bread, pretzels, churros, and much more!

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September is the best fundraising month of the year

Happy September! Groups that are fundraising this month are happy because they know that September is the best month of the year to fundraise in. And this year's BOGO Blue Card makes for a great fundraiser-no risk, low retail cost, 50% profit margin, and a product that people actually want! Contact James today at 719.640.2056 to set up your school, youth sports group, or other non-profit fundraiser.


The 9th Annual BOGO Blue Card debuts next week!

Going into our 9th season, the BOGO Blue Card will debut next week, with some exciting new Colorado Springs' area merchant coupons. Wingstop, Marilyn's Pizza, Bella's Bakery, Springs Trampoline Park, Rita's Ice, Antler Creek Golf Course, Kapow Comics, Shri Ganesh, Coffee Exchange, Building 3 Coffee, and Schnitzel Fritz will all be joining the new card, and we are excited to have them participating! The card still sells for $10, and is a great fundraising idea for youth sports groups, schools, non-profits, and others. Contact James today at 719.640.2056 or at to get your group scheduled. Thank you!


Colorado Springs restaurant coupons make a great fundraiser!

If you are looking for a quick and easy fundraiser, your friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family will wholeheartedly support you with the $10 BOGO Blue Card. Making their $10 back after just a couple of purchases is a great feeling, and supports your Pikes Peak area cause as well! Check out our 95 restaurant and entertainment discounts on the Buy/View The BOGO Card tab. And to begin your fundraiser today or schedule for next fall, call James at 719.640.2056!


Last fundraising push before summer!

Spring Break and Easter are coming up, making this one of the last great chances to begin your BOGO Card fundraiser, before summer. The Colorado Springs' based BOGO Card now has 95 restaurant and entertainment coupons and discounts included, making it an excellent value for your supporters, for just $10. Call James at 719.640.2056 to get your school or youth group or non profit started fundraising today. Thank you.


Celebrate 2017 and Fundraise at the Same Time!

Celebrate 2017 in Colorado Springs by going out to eat or recreate, while at the same time making money for your non-profit cause. This year's BOGO Blue Card is valid through Dec. 31, 2017, sells for $10 (50% profit goes back to your group), and contains some great Pikes Peak area coupons, including Bubba's 33, Great Harvest Bread, Rocco's Italian, the Mason Jar, and many other great restaurants. Plus, get your 2 for 1 Monarch lift tickets, Air Force Basketball games, Dart Warz, and SkyZone coupons from the BOGO Card as well. Contact James at 719.640.2056 to begin your school's, athletic group's, church, or animal rescue group fundraiser today.


Restaurant coupons for Colorado Springs!

If you live or work in the Colorado Springs area, picking up a BOGO Blue Card for $10 is a no-brainer. Save money at 95 restaurants, entertainment venues, and good and services retailers, including Dickey's Barbecue Pit, Cold Stone, Del Taco, Great Harvest Bread, Jason's Deli, Pita Pit, Popeyes, YoYogurt, Monarch Mountain Ski Resort, Air Force Academy Basketball, Dart Warz, Plato's Closet, and so many more (click on the Buy/View the BOGO Card tab to see all 95 offers). Purchase online, or through dozens of the fine organizations that are fundraising around town. Thank you!


New 2016 2017 BOGO Cards have debuted!

Dart Warz, Dickey's BBQ, Pikes Peak Ziplines, Great Harvest Bread, Rocco's Italian, and other great Pikes Peak area merchants have been added to this year's BOGO Blue Card. We now have 97 fantastic Colorado Springs coupons and discounts, all for just $10. Non-profit groups love fundraising with the card because of the no-risk, 50% profit aspect. Contact James today at 719.640.2056 to get started fundraising!


Last chance to fundraise before Summer!

This year's BOGO Cards are valid through Dec 31, 2016, and we're in the final stretch of the school year and fundraising season. Call (719-640-2056) or email ( James today to get your school, youth sports team/league, or non-profit group started today.


Jamba Juice, Jason's Deli, and Joey's Pizza in January

The letter of the month is 'J'! Buy 2 Smoothies, Get 1 FREE at Jamba Juice. Buy an Entree, Get an Entree for HALF OFF at Jason's Deli. Buy Any Large Pizza, Get a FREE Order of 1/2 Dozen Garlic Knots at Joey's Pizza. These Colorado Springs coupons, plus 85 more, appear on this year's BOGO Blue Card. Fundraising with the card is fast, easy, and profitable, because co-workers, friends, neighbors, and family members make their money back quickly. Contact James at 719.640.2056 to set up your school or youth group fundraiser today! Thank you


Welcome 2016!

Colorado Springs' BOGO Blue Card ($10 including tax and postage) can help you ring in the New Year, with coupons from high-quality, sit-down restaurants, like Black Bear Diner, India Palace, Little Nepal, Gunther Toody's, the Mason Jar, Paris Crepe, the Public House, Skirted Heifer. You'll make your money back quickly, with the 90-plus restaurant and entertainment discounts on the card. Thanks a lot, and Happy New Years!


Monarch Ski Resort BOGO Lift Tickets

Spend $10 on this year's BOGO Blue Card (valid through Dec. 31, 2016) save $74 on a BOGO Monarch Ski coupon. Shipping and handling is included. Simply go to the Buy tab and purchase your Colorado Springs BOGO Blue Card today.


Five more weeks of fundraising!

Most folks that have tried fundraising over the Christmas-New Years holidays know that it usually doesn't end well. But until that mindset kicks in on the first to second week of December, fundraising with the Colorado Springs BOGO Blue Card, cookie dough, or candles makes great sense and has a proven track record. Call James today at 719.640.2056 to schedule your easy, quick, and profitable fundraiser. Thank you!


September is THE month to fundraise

I have said it before, and I will say it again-September is the most profitable month to fundraise in, based on surveys taken around the nation. And the proof is in the pudding; we have more groups fundraising currently than ever before in the Colorado Springs area. If your school, youth sports group, church, or any other non-profit group is looking to raise money quickly and easily, contact me today to get started. Fundraising with the BOGO Blue Card is great because with a retail price of $10, your customers will make their money back immediately and come back for more. Call James at 719.640.2056 to begin now.


New 2015 2016 BOGO Blue Cards have debuted!

This year's BOGO Blue Cards are ready for fundraising! SkyZone Trampoline Park, The Summit Interquest, The Public House, U.S. Taekwondo, Bubba's 33-all great new entertainment and food options that will add value and excitement. If your Colorado Springs school, youth sports group, or church needs a great fundraising idea, contact James today at 719.640.2056. Or, if you would like to just buy the card for your own personal use/as a gift, go to the second tab over to Buy/View the BOGO Card. Thank you!


Colorado Springs Coupons

Highlighting this month's great Colorado Springs coupons on the BOGO Blue Card, three restaurants stand out: Mason Jar's Buy 1 Entree, Get a 2nd Entree HALF OFF Oliver's Deli Buy One Food Item, Get One HALF OFF Paris Crepe's Buy 2 Savory Crepes, Get 1 Nutella Crepe FREE These Pikes Peak area coupons and 90 more discounts are bundled into the BOGO Blue Card. At only $10, cardholders make their money back on the places they go daily. Purchase online or from any number of groups or schools around town.


Happy New Year Colorado Springs!

Do you know of a youth sports group, school class trip, music program, or anybody else in need of a fundraiser in the Colorado Springs area? January and February are great months to start fundraising with the BOGO Blue Card. With a full year of validity, the 90+ restaurant coupons and entertainment venue discounts earn the $10 cost back immediately. Call James today at 719.640.2056 to set up a no-risk, fast, and easy fundraiser.


Great Christmas gifts !

BOGO Blue Cards make great stocking stuffers, and cost just $10 (no shipping and handling charges!). Order online today ( ) or purchase at any number of groups fundraising with the BOGO Blue Card, including ALL Taekwondo in the Chapel Hills Mall, High Plains Unitarian Church, Calvary Worship Center, Jack Swigert Academy, Indigo Ranch Imagine Charter School. Friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family members save money on over 90 restaurant coupons and entertainment venue discounts all over the Pikes Peak region. Thank you! and Merry Christmas!


Air Force Academy Football Buy One Get One Coupon!

The Air Force-Colorado State football game is on November 28 this year, and is sure to be a fantastic game, with CSU ranked 23rd nationally. The BOGO Blue Card has Colorado Springs coupons of all types, and lucky for you, an Air Force Academy Football buy one get one coupon. Purchase online today (with free shipping) at or from groups all around town, for just $10. Thank you!


Happy Halloween!

Celebrate autumn and Halloween with the BOGO Blue coupon to HellScream Haunted House-Buy 2, Get 1 FREE (a $20 savings). Check out Air Force Academy Football Oct. 18 (New Mexico), Nov. 15 (Nevada), and Nov. 28 (Colorado State) coupon-Buy 1, Get 1 FREE! With over 90 Colorado Springs coupons for area restaurants and entertainment, everybody scores! And because of our excellent price point of $10, the BOGO Blue Card makes a great fundraiser for schools, youth sports groups, churches, and other non-profits. Call James at 719.640.2056 to get started. Thank you!


Fundraise with Colorado Springs Restaurant Coupons !

Fundraising with something that everybody loves-restaurant coupons and entertainment coupons, makes your campaign easy, quick, and profitable. If you are in Colorado Springs and looking for a great fundraiser (50% profit, no upfront costs, one-time customer contact), call James (719.640.2056) today to get started. Thank you!


New BOGO Blue Card debut!

The new 2014-2015 BOGO Cards are hot off the press! We've added ten more Colorado Springs-area merchant discounts / coupons to the card, including Skirted Heifer, Smashburger-Austin Bluffs & Academy, Black Bear Diner, Bambinos, Nothing Bundt Cakes, Air Force Academy Football & Basketball, Hellscream Haunted House, Patty Jewett Golf Driving Range, Kindermusik, Community Karate, Modern Taekwondo-that's 90, count them 90 sweet ways to save money for the next 18 months. Purchase your new card from Mitchell High School Cheer, Vista Ridge Junior Wolves Basketball, Hanover High Basketball, Vanguard High Basketball, and many other groups around town, or online at If your school / sports group isn't fundraising with BOGO Cards, ask them to call James at (719) 640-2056 to get set up. Thanks a lot!


Our newest BOGO Blue Card debuts in mid-July!

We've been busy speaking with merchants in the Colorado Springs area, and have a number of exciting new additions for the upcoming BOGO Blue Card. Skirted Heifer, Air Force Academy football, Bambinos, Smashburger, Patty Jewett Golf, Nothing Bundt Cakes, and the list goes on! If your Colorado Springs area school or non-profit group is interested in fundraising with the best coupon card in town, call James today at (719) 640-2056. Thank you.


Colorado PTA Business of the Year!

Nora Brown with the Colorado PTA just informed me that BOGO Blue Fundraising has been chosen as the "Colorado PTA Business of the Year", in recognition of BOGO Blue's efforts to promote PTA membership. BOGO Cards are donated to each school with a PTA, and any new members that sign up receive a free BOGO Card. We will accept this awesome reward on April 11 at the Colorado PTA Convention, in Denver. Thank you for this unbelievable recognition, CPTA!


Second Most Popular Time To Fundraise!

When groups are surveyed concerning which time of the year is their most successful for fundraisers, their response is August - October, followed closely by February-April. This is a great time to fundraise! BOGO Blue Cards are valid through Dec. 31, so customers still have lots of time to redeem the eighty-plus great bargains here in Colorado Springs. Contact James today at (719) 640-2056 to get your no-risk fundraiser started immediately.


Stay warm with ethnic restaurants in Colorado Springs!

Stay warm this week with some excellent ethnic restaurants-Caspian Cafe at I-25 and GOG, downtown's Sri Lankan gem, The Curry Leaf, India Palace on N Academy, Heart of Jerusalem at Academy & Austin Bluffs, Little Nepal on 8th St and Flintridge/Academy, Schnitzel Fritz next to Sky Sox, Taste of India in the Citadel Mall. All have coupons on the BOGO Card and Book, and all are discounted from 10-50% off. Stay warm Colorado Springs!